Business Studies

This subject is not taught at KS3.

Did you ever wonder how you go about starting your own business or the secret behind companies like Apple’s continued success? If so, then business studies may be the subject for you. The course covers a whole range of areas from the theory of starting a small business, how to successfully promote a business, accountancy, the psychology and ways of managing workers, along with the issues and decisions involved in running a huge global corporation.

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Key Stage 4 (Years 10, 11)

Year 10: Unit 1 Setting up a business. This introduces students to starting up a business. We explore what makes an entrepreneur successful and the business tools used to help a start up business achieve its aims and objectives. This will involve learning about marketing, finance, managing people, producing a product or service and the importance of customer service for small businesses.
Year 11: Unit 2 Growing as a business. This unit explores how businesses grow and the issues surrounding larger companies. This involves choosing the best location, the most effective marketing strategy, managing people and finance in larger businesses, as well as deciding what type of production technique to invest in.
The controlled assessment: Unit 3 Advising a real business. Students will research a local business and identify why it is successful, any problems it has, what competitors do and how the business could be improved. They will then present this information in a report.

Sixth Form

The A level business course aims to provide you with an understanding of the key areas required to lead a business or manage specific areas. This includes the legalities of starting your own business, introductory accounting, leadership and management of workers, marketing techniques, managing production, and how to make correct big strategic decisions for large multinationals.

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