Google Services Notification

At St Bede’s School, we use G Suite for Education which is a set of education productivity tools from Google including Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Classroom and more, used by tens of millions of students and teachers around the world. Students will use their G Suite accounts to complete assignments, communicate with their teachers, sign into their Chromebooks, and learn 21st century digital citizenship skills.

As this page was based on text aimed at schools in the USA, it is in the process of being updated.

Meantime, if you have questions about our use of Google’s G Suite for Education accounts please contact the school IT Coordinator (via the Contacts page - select Web Administrator). If you want to learn more about how Google collects, uses, and discloses personal information to provide services to us, please review the G Suite for Education Privacy Center (at, the G Suite for Education Privacy Notice (at, and the Google Privacy Policy (at

The Core G Suite for Education services are provided to St Bede’s under Google’s Apps for Education agreement (at and the Data Processing Amendment (at].