Data Protection

Please note: During preparations for GDPR this page and the linked Privacy Notice is subject to change. Check back for updates.

This page contains information about the school's arrangements for protecting personal data, and links to relevant resources including the official Privacy Notice. See also the links to IT Services and Online Safety.

Data protection changes 2018 (incorporating GDPR)

You may be aware that data protection law in the UK is changing during 2018 to incorporate the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Since the UK Data Protection Act of 1998 there have been many developments in the way information is handled, not least the impact of the internet and cloud computing. The UK government and the EU are bringing the law up to date and this will affect the way St Bede’s handles personal data relating to your child(ren) and yourselves.

Data protection is handled in the UK by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), and the new regulation is presently being incorporated into UK law so it will continue to apply after Brexit in 2019.

Preparation for the new law has been underway for some time and the school will publish details of the changes on the school website whilst some information may also be sent via Insight email; the official Privacy Notice will be updated as part of this.

Note: As guidance from the Department for Education, ICO and EU is currently incomplete, the published information may change to reflect further advice as it emerges. All schools, organisations and system suppliers are working to the same deadline which may result in some changes even after GDPR begins in May, as things settle down.

How will the new regulation/law change things?

  1. The school will publish details of the personal information processed either by itself or by 3rd party services engaged by the school.

  2. Some aspects of the way the school handles personal data will change to ensure it is only processed where relevant and in line with the new legislation.

  3. For some purposes the school will process personal data to comply with external authorities e.g. the Department for Education, or to deliver the school’s duties as a public authority (educating students). For other purposes, the school will seek consent from parents or students to process their personal data. More information will be provided in the updated official privacy notice.

  4. The school will also publish updated procedures for finding out what personal data is being held by the school about your child(ren) or yourselves, and how to report a data breach should you think personal data has not been used in accordance with the privacy notice.

What is personal data?

Information (electronic or paper) relating to an identifiable individual e.g. student or parent. St Bede’s controls and processes personal data about students and parents in order to fulfil its function as a school in terms of learning, teaching and administration.

How can I find out more?

Please look out for further information in due course, especially on the school website, but in the meantime if you have any questions please choose ‘Data Protection Enquiry’ on the website contacts page. Alternatively, there is detailed information on the Information Commissioner’s website