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GCSE results (to be updated in January)

We were delighted to secure another excellent set of GCSE results this year. The table below shows the improvement in two key 'headline' figures over the last three years.

Headline figures 2014 2015 2016
Attainment 8 5.8 6.0 6.0
Progress 8 +0.4 +0.41 +0.58

For more information about Attainment 8 and Progress 8 please click here.

2016 Key stage 4 results

GCSE results St Bede's
Surrey LEA National average
Progress 8 score +0.58 +0.13 0.00
Attainment 8 score 59.8 52.8 48.5
% of pupils achieving a good pass in English and mathematics (grade C or above) 81% 70.1% 59.3%
% of pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate 32% 30.6% 23.1%
Student 'destinations' (the percentage of students who continue in education or training, or move on to employment at the end of 16 to 19 study)* 99% 95% 94%

* This refers to pupils who finished Year 11 in 2014, which is the most recent data currently available.

For the GCSE option subject results - June 2016, please click here.

All students study English language, English literature, maths and RE to GCSE. In addition, approximately 90 pupils per year take the three separate sciences whilst others take a double science qualification. The majority of students also study history, geography and at least one of the three modern foreign languages. In total, students at St Bede's take 10, 11 or 12 GCSEs.

A level results

Pupils and staff at St Bede's were celebrating after the release of another set of excellent A level results. With over half (54%) of the A2 exams graded A*, A or B, most students will be heading off to their first choice university this autumn. The school maintained its reputation for academic excellence, with 81% achieving A*-C grades. The overall pass rate was 100%.

2016 Key stage 5 (16 to 18) results

A level results St Bede's
Surrey LEA National
Progress score +0.14   0.00
Average grade

(32.85 points)

(31.86 points)
(31.79 points)
Progress in English 0.50 -0.06 -0.10
Progress in maths 0.33 -0.13 -0.13
Retention 98.8% 96.6% 96.1%
Destinations (staying in education
or employment for at least two terms
after 16 to 18 study)
93%   88%

For further information, please see the DfE school and college performance tables, or click here

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