Staff list

Please scroll down to find out who is on the Senior Leadership Team, who the Head of Years and Course Leaders are and a list of curriculum staff.

To see who's who in senior and middle leadership roles at St Bede's, please click here.

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)


Mr S Crabtree Headteacher
Mrs R Heard Deputy Head
Mr A Powell Head of School (Academic)
Mrs K Tottey Assistant Headteacher (Head of Sixth Form)
Mr A Saunders Assistant Headteacher (Head of Key Stage 4)
Mrs A Adams Assistant Headteacher (Head of Key Stage 3)
Mr J Wood Assistant Headteacher
Mrs K Neumann Assistant Headteacher (Academic Tracking)
Mr R Salmons Bursar

Head of Years (HoYs) and Lead Tutors

Year Name
Year 7 Miss S Woollard
Lead Tutor Year 7 Mr A Rutledge
Year 8 Mrs N Wood
Lead Tutor Year 8 Miss H Jones 
Year 9 Miss K Frost 
Year 10 Ms S Sharp 
Year 11 Mr D Mason 
Deputy Head of Sixth Form Miss F Robinson
Lead Tutor Year 12 Miss S Ramsdale
Lead Tutor Year 13 Mr J Purkiss

Curriculum staff

If you would like to make contact, please put a note in the student's diary or to contact the form tutor, please 'contact the school' (choose 'School Main Reception' from the drop-down) outlining who to direct the message to.

Department Head of Department (HoD) Other team members
Art Mrs F Stainthorpe Mrs L Borgia, Mr C Elsmore, Miss F Robinson
Business Studies and Economics Mr T Ramsbottom Ms J Gayle-Reid, Mr R Griffiths, Mr C Noakes, Mr A Saunders, Miss S Woollard
Citizenship Mrs T Moore Various
Computing Mr R Brooks Mrs F Barton, Mr T Preston
Drama Mrs L Downes Mrs L Perello, Mrs E Tattershall
Design and Technology  Mr N Stalley  Mrs J Barnett, Mrs R Benjamin-Hoppie, Mrs N Carloss, Ms R Haines Gilbertson, Miss W Malpas

Food, Health and Textiles 

Miss R Coventry Ms V Anderson, Mrs R Benjamin-Hoppie, Mrs R Horswill, Ms J Lyons
English Miss D Greenhalgh Mrs H Ali (maternity leave), Mr M Beasley, Miss H Bennett, Ms S Cooper, Miss V Dibartolo, Mr A Fairhurst, Ms N Fry, Mrs C Jackson (maternity cover for Mrs H Ali) Miss H Parker, Miss L Ruck, Ms P Shah, Mrs E Tattershall, Miss C Whyte
Geography Mr P Walter Mr D Gibbons, Mrs R Heard, Ms H Jones, Miss A Maille, Miss S Ramsdale
History and Government and Politics Mrs S Sharman Mrs C Barnard, Miss S Dobson, Miss K Frost, Ms A McGarvie, Mr J Purkiss, Ms S Sharp, Mr S Strong, Mr D Marshall 
Mathematics Mrs K Miles Mrs M Boughton, Mrs A Chadwick, Mr P Edo-Okaeben, Mr L Jackson, Mr A Lacey, Miss E Lush, Mrs A Maazouz, Mrs Y McConnell, Mrs K Neumann, Mr C Noakes, Mrs T Powell, Mrs S Richardson, Mr A Saunders, Ms R Sturt
Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Mr T Dawson Mrs P Denchfield, Mrs U Lernbecher, Mr D Mason, Miss S Marquez Mencia, Mrs S Marx, Mrs K Thomas, Mrs C Shaughnessy, Mrs N Wood
Media Studies Miss H Parker Miss V Dibartolo
Music Miss H Mitchell Mr S Pitchfork, Mr S Rodwell, Mr J Wood
Photography Mr C Elsmore Mrs F Stainthorpe, Ms F Robinson, Mrs L Borgia
Physical Education Mrs S Saunders Miss S Angliss, Mrs S Collins, Mr A Rutledge, Mr M Vickery
Psychology Mr A Frith Miss H Jones
Religious Studies, and Philosophy and Ethics Mr C Gangemi Mrs R Heard, Mr J Kenny, Mrs T Moore (maternity leave), Miss E Palmer (maternity cover for Mrs Moore), Mr A Powell, Mrs J Rawlings, Mrs A Rochell, Mrs N Wood
Science Mrs D Read Mrs A Adams, Mrs C Anderson, Mr S Brooks, Miss A Buck, Dr V Dargue, Mrs E Failes, Mrs S Harwood, Mrs S Hannah, Mrs S Jackson, Mrs N Kalam, Mr A Mander, Ms N Nicol, Mrs F Sharma, Mrs K Tottey, Mrs K Wilson, Mrs M Yerrell
SENDCo/ Learning Support Mrs S Stevenson Mrs G Atkins, Mrs S Bullock, Mrs B Cook, Mrs T Gear, Mrs P Grant, Mrs D Hassett, Mrs T Horne, Mrs A Krishnamurthy, Mrs L Kyte, Ms S Love-Yule, Mrs H Low, Mr O Plank, Mrs S Stanley, Mrs L Stoker, Mrs M Taylor, Mrs S Webb


Student Intervention and Support 

Role Name
Student Intervention Officer Miss A Eland
Student Support Officer Mrs P Nicholson
Cover Supervisors Mrs G Beazley, Mrs D Harrison, Miss D King, Mrs D Scott, Mrs K Shelton, Mrs R Still