Online safety parent resources

We support our students’ use of the internet and seek to underpin their knowledge of safe use and protection by providing an awareness of how to stay safe online both in the school environment and beyond.

E-safety is a vital part of our education programme for students and for parents. Part of the parents’ information evenings in Year 7 and 8 will be dedicated to e-safety.



Member of Parent Zone Digital Schools

St Bede's is a Digital Schools member of Parent Zone (the company that makes Digital Parenting magazine); this brings with it access to resources and an online programme for parents/carers covering:

  • understanding your child's online world;
  • the risks facing children and young people online;
  • how confident digital parenting can help protect children from these risks.

Click here for the FREE online programme for parents/carers about online risks facing children

Other relevant resources are listed lower on this page and will be added to over time.

Parent info bannerParentInfo is a series of articles curated by CEOP and Parentzone with advice on keeping children safe. Click the logo on the right for the ParentInfo website. (CEOP =  Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, part of the National Crime Agency)

Reporting concerns

If you have any concerns regarding online safety please report them via our 'Contact the school' page (choosing 'Report Child Safety concerns')

Alternatively report online safety concerns direct to CEOP by clicking the button on the right. Ceopreportbtn


Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using technology. Whether on social media sites, through a mobile phone, or gaming sites, the effects can be devastating for the young person involved. There are ways to help prevent a child from being bullied. This leaflet was issued by the Department for Education and offers advice for parents and carers on cyberbullying.

Useful Links

Students and parents may also find it useful to look at these sources of information related to online safety.

Parent factsheet

Vodaphone guide to Digital Parenting

Online Safety resources Date  
12 smartphone online safety tips 11th Dec 2019 Download
A guide to game streaming PZ 23rd Mar 2020 Download
Acceptable behaviour online PZ 4th Nov 2020 Download
Be Kind poster NOS 23rd Mar 2020 Download
Call of Duty - guidance for parents 22nd Nov 2019 Download
Facebook advice.pdf 7th Dec 2015 Download
How to clean your devices NOS 23rd Mar 2020 Download
Instagram advice.pdf 7th Dec 2015 Download
Internet hoaxes PZ 30th Jan 2020 Download
Keep your children safe online advice leaflet.pdf 7th Dec 2015 Download
NOS - what parents need to know about Fifa 20 7th Nov 2019 Download
NOS Social pressures friends and followers 14th Feb 2020 Download
NOS Social pressures likes 30th Jan 2020 Download
NOS Suggested Apps from for 11-14 15th Jan 2020 Download
Online Safety Tips for Children NOS 6th Mar 2020 Download
Parental controls PZ 14th Feb 2020 Download
Phishing PZ 14th Feb 2020 Download
PZ 5 online areas parents should be aware of 15th Jan 2020 Download
Safety and privacy social media settings Pt1 5th May 2016 Download
Safety and privacy social media settings Pt2 5th May 2016 Download
Screen time finding a balance handout 5th May 2016 Download
Snapchat PZ 30th Jan 2020 Download
Three apps parent should know about 22nd Nov 2019 Download
Tik tok parental controls 30th Apr 2021 Download
TikTok NOS 6th Mar 2020 Download
TikTok poster guide 30th Apr 2021 Download
TikTok privacy settings 30th Apr 2021 Download
Your childs digital footprint handout 5th May 2016 Download
Your childs online life PZ 6th Mar 2020 Download