What's on?

A wide range of activities take place within the library at different times: class reading lessons; sixth form study; independent learning for small groups or individuals and research of all kinds.

A team of student librarians help us to run the library and are involved in all the busyLibrary general day to day jobs, as well as special events at different times of the year. We meet on Wednesdays, and new recruits are always welcome.

The 'Chill Zone' is on Friday lunchtimes for Year 7s and 8s - fun and games, creative handicrafts, puzzles, quizzes, films...and sometimes we even read books!

Smaller book clubs to celebrate and enjoy reading together are also encouraged. If you would like to start or join a reading group, please speak to the librarians!

Library chessWe have chess sets and other board games for students who wish to relax together (quietly!) at break or lunchtime, or you can use the space to do homework or coursework. We also have printing and copying facilities.