Religious Education

Religious education is at the heart of the curriculum at St Bede’s and is placed as a core subject. It is aimed at developing students depth of understanding and appreciation for Christianity. We also study the other major world religions to enable students to understand and navigate the world in which they live. Students learn a range of skills and capabilities which prepare them for life and work and equip them with the tools necessary to embark on their own spiritual journey.

Currently, Years 7 and 9 students have three lessons of core RE per fortnight and Year 8 have two lessons per fortnight.

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Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8, 9)

Core RE

At Key Stage 3 we aim to help students gain a thorough understanding of Christianity. The majority of time is spent learning ‘about’ and ‘from’ the Christian faith, both from a historical viewpoint and as a living faith today. Students are encouraged to delve deeper into Christian scripture and to see how God’s plan of salvation is weaved into the pages of the Old Testament as well as The New. Students are also taught to apply Biblical teachings to modern day ethical situations and to apply Christian principles and ethical theories to challenging contexts. Case studies are used to bring deeper understanding in these areas.

World religions are also taught as, while we are a Christian ethos school, we acknowledge that in order to truly understand the modern world, students must appreciate what it means to be a member of another faith too. The focus is on their belief systems, practices and both the impact and contribution these have to the modern world.

Throughout KS3, pupils are encouraged to see the connections between belief and life and there is time for personal reflection, though a personal Christian faith is not a requirement for contribution to and success in RE at St. Bede’s. 

Denominational RE (DRE)

DRE is unique to St Bede’s and is central to our school's ethos. Once a fortnight, students from the same denomination gather together to learn about their tradition and to have time to worship and pray together. DRE can be very reflective in nature and, after the curriculum content is taught and learnt, students always have the time to respond to it personally. We foster a deep appreciation of ecumenism by developing the students' denominational identity and faith as well as teaching about other denominations in lessons. When appropriate we learn about commonalities and differences in approaches to key beliefs, worship and practices. Built into DRE is the time to be prepared for sacraments and to partake in corporate worship services. In DRE, the curriculum is solely based on the teachings of the Christian Church and in addition to Core RE, adheres to the guidance from the Roman Catholic and Anglican Diocese regarding the content of Denominational schemes of work. 

Key Stage 4 (Years 10, 11)

All students at St Bede’s take full course GCSE RE. Pupils build on the foundation laid at KS3 through studying the modules of the AQA RS B “Worship and Key Beliefs’ (Unit 6) and ‘Religion and Morality’ (Unit 3). Both units are studied from a Christian perspective along with one other world faith, namely, Islam.

The course challenges students to deepen their understanding of the core beliefs and teachings of Christianity and Islam and further apply this to arguing different views and attitudes to contemporary moral issues such as crime and punishment, drug abuse, world poverty and genetic engineering. It is an engaging two years which develops students' skills of explanation, analysis, interpretation and evaluation. Because of this, excellent results in RE can create avenues to further education and numerous careers and many students have gone on to take RS Philosophy and Ethics at A Level.

Sixth Form

The course is RS Philosophy and Ethics.

Philosophy means ‘the love of wisdom’, whilst ethics thinks about what is right and wrong and what should be done in certain situations. The course provides a critical approach to the consideration of moral and philosophical issues. Religious studies provide you with the chance to study issues and questions that matter. 

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