6th Form Enrichment

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Critical thinking and Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) are subjects offered at Key Stage 5 only (Sixth Form). For more information about these subjects at KS5, please click here to view the relevant subject leaflet at the bottom of the page.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is a course designed to teach the thinking skills which are essential to success at A level and which are of constant practical use in daily life. There is very little content to learn, instead there is a lot of practice at the skills of analysing and evaluating arguments and assessing how believable and persuasive they are.
We are surrounded by people trying to persuade us to their point of view; they can include the media, politicians, those with something to sell, religious groups and scientists. It is important to understand what it is these groups are offering and to evaluate not only their conclusions, but also the strength of the reasons given to support their conclusions and the relevance of the evidence on which those conclusions are based. These are the skills taught in critical thinking.
Be prepared never to accept unquestioningly any thing anyone tells you again!

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Have you ever wished that you could get an A level qualification for something that really interested you? Have you ever been frustrated that some topics are not studied in enough depth at A level? Do you want to earn extra UCAS points or impress your chosen universities? Then the Extended Project Qualification could be for you.
EPQ is a student-driven qualification, giving you the freedom and responsibility to select a project that you are interested in.

Completing a project qualification involves following a clearly structured process to choose, plan and research a topic of your choice and then create a product that is unique to you.

There are three possible types of product:

  • a research-based written report
  • a production (eg charity event, fashion show, sports event) 
  • an artefact (eg artwork, computer game, film, story) 

*The last two would be supported by a written report.

Progress on the project is recorded in a production log and there is a presentation to an invited audience at the end.

You will be assessed both on the product of your project and on the process you went through to create it.