Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Your project! Your choice!

Have you ever wished that you could design YOUR OWN course?
Have you ever been frustrated that exam courses don’t include the things that YOU are really interested in?
Would you like a way of showing universities and employers that you are an excellent, well motivated individual?
YES? Then we have a great opportunity for you!

The EPQ is an extra qualification where you are in the driving seat. All elements of the course are directed by you, including whether it is a question or practical project, the research involved and how you present the final dissertation or artefact. 
The aim is that you set yourself a question to answer, a challenge to fulfil or practical project to complete. You then create a plan to achieve your goal, organise your time and then review and evaluate your progress at the end. Students start thinking about topics in January of Year 12 and then start work with timetabled lessons in June.

You are only limited by your own imagination!

Previous students chose a wide range of topics, including:
Have the Nazi’s returned to German politics?
Is rock and roll dead?
What makes the perfect smile?
Marine Parks - sanctuary or enslavement?
Will there be a vaccine for cancer?
Can the Ironman suit ever be a reality?

While others have undertaken practical projects, including: Designing a sound recording studio
Designing and building a gaming computer
Composing a rap song
Making a historical documentary film
Designing and building a go kart

Offered to all students!