Exam information

Summer 2020

It is not possible for candidates to appeal against their Centre Assessment Grade. These were determined by candidates' teachers who were best placed to decide the grade a learner was likely to achieve if the exams had taken place. You cannot appeal because your mock result was higher than the grade you were awarded. Your mock grade will have been taken into account in determining your centre assessment grade.  

However, if a candidate has concerns about bias, discrimination or any other factor that suggests a centre did not act with integrity when determining the centre assessment grade, these should be raised with the centre by completing the Internal Enquiry Form 2020 which can be found below.

Students who would like to improve their grades from summer 2020, will have an opportunity to take the full suite of GCSE, AS and A level exams in the autumn. If they choose to do this, students will be able to use the higher of the two grades for future progression. Please find the Information for Candidates wishing to retake in Autumn 2020 below.