Posted on: November 27th 2017Information for Parents +1 More School News

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We have set up official social media sites so that parents and guardians can easily receive notifications of school and website updates. We will also continue to communicate in the same way using emails via Insight, the school newsletter and letters home. However, the social media forum is an additional way to communicate updates and notifications to our large audience. If you wish to access the official school sites, please click on the links below (you will need to have a personal account set up with each one).

Please only rely on information that you receive directly from St Bede’s and remember to always check the school website for up to date information and important dates.

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Any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us by choosing contact website administrator via contact-the-school page.

Thank you.

Please note that these sites should not be used for personal comments or expressing concerns. Any issues or concerns that you may have regarding your child should be discussed with the school directly following the standard procedures. Any inappropriate or unnecessary comments will be deleted and the user may be blocked from future use.