Posted on: June 16th 2017School News

Flexible Learning Days (FLDs)

With public exams now reaching the final phase, we are taking the opportunity for our pupils to learn outside the classroom or in a different way. Those in the lower 6th, following the completion of AS exams, have been on a week of work experience. All other years have followed a bespoke programme as follows.

Year 10

Almost every student in Year 10 is studying history or geography to GCSE. The geographers return today from three days at a study centre near Swanage in Dorset, where they have been completing field work; while those taking history have been in northern France visiting the World War I battlefields to gain a greater understanding of this period of the recent past.

Year 9

All those in Year 9 took part in Enterprise activities over the last couple of days designed to develop skills of entrepreneurship and financial acumen. In addition, they have had a choice of visiting the National Gallery as part of their studies in art, taking part in a character building course with British Military Fitness or looking at careers options with a company called Future First.

Year 8

Those in Year 8 have been taking part in a range of taster activities in advance of making their GCSE choices next year. Tasters of all the GCSE options were offered, including business, computing and photography. They were encouraged to select subjects they would like to learn more about before they face the difficult task of choosing between the various subjects on offer. 

Year 7

The Year 7 pupils have three activities organised. We have been running an in-school course on civilisation, which the students enjoy because they are tasked with setting up their own 'country'. Two day trips have been arranged, the first to Canterbury as part of the RE curriculum and the other to London Zoo, to support their work in science.

Please click here to see the photos for each year group. There are also some photos of the Y9 BMF and Y8 PE activities, that were kindly taken by Rick Carter.