Posted on: September 29th 2017Information for Parents

Clubs and activities - autumn term 2017

The list of clubs and activities for this autumn term has been finalised. We do hope that your child will find something that they would like to take part in.

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Springfit gymnastics and trampolining

If your child is interested in gymnastics and/or trampolining, please contact Springfit directly by either emailing or by calling 0203 478 0203.

They are compiling a list of interest and then will organise classes based on the numbers who apply. This could be January or perhaps after half term depending on the response. Springfit will contact you directly to confirm your child's class details.

The classes are anticipated to be BOTH gymnastics AND trampolining at 4pm and 5pm on Mondays, plus 5pm on Wednesdays. The TYPE of gymnastics will be up to the students. Freestyle was popular before, but they can also provide a 'youth' gymnastics class of mixed abilities.