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English Exhibition

7WH celebrated the end of their English reading unit on Michael Morpurgo’s 'Why the Whales Came' with a splendid and unique exhibition of artwork inspired by the story’s setting and characters, installed in the library on the last day of term.
Students each had the choice to produce a collage, sculpture, model, sand picture, drawing or – at the students’ own suggestion – cake based on a key setting, animal or character featured in the story.

Morpurgo’s tale provides such a wealth of opportunities for creative artwork linked to the setting in the Scilly Isle of Bryher in 1914. The novel’s mysterious Birdman character lives in a run-down cottage on an isolated corner of Bryher and many students decided to recreate his humble abode while others opted to concentrate on the animals populating the isle, such as the cormorant and puffin.

Students viewed and wrote feedback on all their peers’ artwork while Head of English Miss Greenhalgh and Head of KS3 Mrs Adams were on hand to provide official adjudication and announced a winner in each of the six categories – namely Emily Jackson (model of Birdman’s cottage); Ben Anderson (Birdman artwork); Emily Cruickshank (Birdman’s cottage cake); Sienna Bean (character collage); Gracie Pavitt (cormorant sculpture) and Luke Rush (messages in the sand artwork).

The overall winner was declared to be Sienna Bean for her marvellously creative and confident textured collage on the novel’s main characters set on a vivid blue background to recreate the waters surrounding the island. Congratulations to every student in 7WH for such superb creativity and enthusiasm: they have truly done Michael Morpurgo proud!
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