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Morgan Sindall Year 8 artwork competition

Morgan sindallAs the school building works progress we have been left with a number of blank walls particularly in the canteen area. This presented an opportunity for all the artists in Year 8!

Morgan Sindall and the Year 8 team challenged the students to produce a mural representing a given school value incorporating a construction image. The five school values were shared between the 10 tutor groups who worked together to come up with their design. The artists were then nominated to produce the actual artwork over their lunchtime.

The senior leadership team and Morgan Sindall then had the tough job of judging the designs. All the designs were very well planned out and a lot of hard work had gone in to producing them. The judges decided that 8CY was the chosen winner - well done to the class, especially the artists Poppy Robinson, Charlie Tuff, Tianie Webber for all your hard work! The class has won a pizza lunch and the artists will be rewarded with an art related gift also.

Thank you to the students for embracing this challenge, the canteen is a brighter place for it! Thanks also to Morgan Sindall, the St Bede's Art Department and Year 8 team.


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