Posted on: August 26th 2019Information for Parents

Important information for returning in September 2019

We look forward to welcoming students back to school next week. Here are a few reminders.

Tuesday 3 September
Start of term for Year 7s and Year 13s only.

Wednesday 4 September
All year groups return to school.

New reception and school shop
Please note that our new reception is now at the front of the school and all visitors need to report there before entering the school. The school shop is now at the front of the school and parents can access the shop during the regular opening times (/325/school-shop). Students can still collect/purchase items at break or lunchtime. Please see /180/uniform for the acceptable uniform list.

Naming school items
Please could all students' items be named. Every term we have a large amount of equipment/clothing that is handed in and never claimed. If items are named, we can return them via tutor groups. Students will need to look through lost property at the SIMS office for any items that are unnamed.

All students will be (re)assigned their new lockers on arrival at school via their tutor.

Dropping off/picking up
Please could parents remember to be considerate at either end of the school day around the school area. We ask that you do not drop off or wait on the yellow or zig zag lines outside school as this makes it dangerous for pedestrians to cross. Please also be mindful of neighbours' driveways.