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Sixth form trip to Tanzania

Once again a record breaking 36 students and five staff visited Musoma, Tanzania to work on community projects and have the experience of a lifetime with the charity Go Make a Difference. Having already excelled by fundraising £12,500 over the year (quiz nights, bag packing, church sales etc), they had the privilege of being a part of the projects this was spent on. Learning many new skills such as concrete making and carpentry, they built five new goatsheds for families, a school water tank, a family water tank, school toilet block, painted a classroom, led numerous menstrual health lessons and took lessons in a primary school.

They also washed the feet of the elderly in the leper community, took part in church services, kids club, met with unsighted and albino children, and were victorious in two local football matches (although it is the taking part that counts!). To cap all this off they returned via the Serengeti National Park, took part in some Maasai dancing, saw a cheetah on its hunt, as well as a leopard, lions, elephants, hippo, giraffe etc and not forgetting warthogs. The group did fantastically well, worked hard, have many happy memories and have now handed the baton over to the group planning to go next year.

Mr Gibbons

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