Posted on: October 16th 2015School News

Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) at St Bede's

DofEpsThe Duke of Edinburgh Award is a feature of the work we do at St Bede’s. The bronze award was offered to those in Year 9 during the summer term and 120 students have signed up. Over the next nine months, they will complete the three parts of the award - volunteering or community service, learning a new skill and taking part in an overnight expedition.

The expedition practice weekends begin in the spring with the assessment walk and overnight camp due to take place in the summer. This year, we are offering the silver award for the first time and the two night expedition is due to take place in the New Forest in the summer term once Year 12 exams have ended.

Each year, a number of our senior students take on the gold award. 25 students embarked on the award in 2014-15 and all the participants passed their expedition during the summer and they now have several months to complete the other sections of the award. Those who are successful will get an invitation to Buckingham Palace.
One of the gold award assessors wrote the following about one of our teams: “From the first day of their practice expedition (where they met both challenging weather and very challenging navigation tasks), this group of young adults conducted themselves with dignity and good humour. They became a well organised group over the first week together and allocated the various expedition tasks with good efficiency. The team was very easy to work with and quickly learned the various aspects of camp craft (choosing a campsite, putting up tents, cooking) and mountain craft (navigation, reading the weather, pacing and breaks). They were good humoured, willing to listen and looked after each other. They met the twenty conditions of the Duke of Edinburgh award with ease.”

Congratulations to all concerned.