Posted on: May 26th 2021Information for Parents

St Bede's Feast Day - 25 May 2021

The venerable bede translates john 1902We were delighted to be able to celebrate St Bede's Feast Day in school this year; usually the date falls during the half term holiday. Students talked about St Bede during citizenship and watched a presentation about his life and how our school values are a reflection of him and the values that meant the most to staff.

  • St Bede was an historian who wrote the first ever history book of the English people.
  • He was a scientist who already knew the world was not flat, the moon controlled the tides and his calculations were incredibly accurate.
  • He was good at learning foreign languages. He knew Latin, Greek and Hebrew and was therefore able to translate the Bible. He wrote many religious books about the Bible.
  • St Bede liked music. He was a great singer and enjoyed being a member of the monastery choir.
  • He was a great priest and teacher.
  • St Bede said “It has always been my delight to learn or to teach or to write.”

Prayer of St Bede

Lord God Almighty,
Open wide the door of my heart and illumine it with 
the grace of the Holy Spirit,
that I may seek what is pleasing to your will.
Guide my thoughts and my heart, and lead my life in the way of your commandments,
that I may always seek to fulfill them, and that I may grasp the eternal joys of the heavenly life;
through  Jesus Christ our Lord.

Source: The Venerable Bede (672–735)