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Consultation - St Bede’s Admission arrangements for 2023/24 - Monday 11 October 2021


Despite St Bede’s expanding, there is still high demand and oversubscription and the number of places is limited. It is difficult for a prospective parent to gauge how many Anglican and Catholic places are available because both traditions are blocked together. If there were designated numbers for Anglican and Catholic children, parents could better understand their chances of getting a place at St Bede’s.  

Free Churches are allocated a specific number of places. Therefore, it would be fair to allocate a specific number of Anglican and Catholic places. If Anglican places are unfilled, they would then become additional Catholic places and if Catholic places are unfilled, they would become additional Anglican places.

The Anglican and Catholic block of 269 places will be divided into 135 Anglican and 135 Catholic. Free Church places will increase from 49 to 50 places. The Open block will reduce from 12 to 10 places. St Bede’s PAN will remain at 330. 

You will find our Admission Consultation documentation for review below.

If you wish to comment please email for the attention of Mr A Powell by the closing date, Monday 22 November 2021.

Consultation documents