Our parents' newsletter is a vital link between school and home which is issued everyNewsletter fortnight via email. It contains important school information, interesting updates on the students' activities and trips and visits.

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Parents' newsletter sponsorship opportunity

If you would like to support St Bede's by sponsoring our parent newsletter, please send an email to 

The sponsorship price is £50 (+ VAT) per issue of our fortnightly newsletter. St Bede’s is offering a Buffer imagespace on the back page where you will be able to describe your business, include a logo and hyperlink to a website if available (please see previous sponsors on the newsletters below).

This fundraising initiative is to support St Bede’s in its continuing efforts to manage the difficult financial situation it is facing and all funds go towards facilities for the students.

(*St Bede’s reserves the right to refuse any requests at any time, or terminate any agreed sponsorships. St Bede’s will not endorse any product, service, company or claims made.)