Surrey’s bus and train student fare card scheme 2021-22

Surrey’s bus and train student fare card scheme will remain unchanged for the new 2021/22 academic year. The cost of a student fare card will remain at £25 and students/parents/carers/ will need to apply online for their cards. Further information about the scheme can be found via our web pages. Please be aware that the National 16-17 Saver (train card) is a great option for students as the discount of 50% is for single, return and season tickets and can be used at any time. Surrey has managed to continue the train student fare card for students who are 17-18 years old with a discount of a third off adult season tickets (minimum 7 day).

For the last academic year, due to the uncertainty of Covid-19, Surrey County Council took the decision to send the student fare cards to the home addresses. As a degree of normality is returning we have taken the decision to revert back to sending all student fare cards to the schools and colleges for collection. This is a condition of the transport operators to ensure that they are not fraudulently obtained.