Dotty - School counsellor with the Valley Trust

The Valley Trust counselling service with Dotty is an internal resource. This means that students can self-refer without parental consent, but generally school will update parents and/or encourage the child to share information with their parents. Parents can make a request for their child to see Dotty (you can do this through a conversation with your child's Head of Year). Dotty is in school all day on a Tuesday and Thursday and can make provision for ‘emergency cases’, where necessary. Dotty usually does a 6 week intervention (one session a week), this can be negotiated depending on the need of the student. Primarily Dotty works 1:1 with students, but would consider offering sessions with a child and parents/carers where necessary and appropriate. This would be decided on an individual case basis. Dotty can also support a child whilst they are awaiting a more permanent avenue of support (eg: CAMHS). Please note that we always advise that a child only ever see one person in a therapeutic capacity, therefore, if your child is waiting to access support elsewhere, sessions with Dotty would only be appropriate until a time when the other support begins. Dotty will report any Safeguarding concerns to a member of the Safeguarding team at school.

External support

Fegans ( is a registered charity, offering free counselling for children, young people and/or parents.

They work with children offering counselling and supporting parents with parenting.  Fegans is also able to provide Family Sessions in the Surrey Base, depending on individual needs.

The Head office is based in Tunbridge Wells and the service offers support across Surrey, East Grinstead, West Kent, East Kent, East Sussex Banbury and Oxford.  Ideally, self/family referrals are most appropriate and therefore, St Bede's will be recommending this service to our students and families, should they require support.