The photographers

Many of the school photographs on this website were taken by a specialist team of St Bede's photography students.

'The St Bede's Photography Team are a highly skilled and enthusiastic group of photography students who document the school and its associations for the website and publications'.

In addition, many of the sports photographs were taken by Dr Rick Carter, a supporter of the school and parent of two St Bede's alumni. Andy Cheek who is a parent at St Bede's has provided some great photos of the various musical events.

Photography team 2019 
Sophie Emeny - Lead photographer
Aimie Keeley - Lead photographer
Frances Andrews
Rosie Fenton

With some photos of Beauty and the Beast from @andrew_clarke23320,

Photography team 2018 
Olivia Meighan - Team Leader
Faye Baker
Madeleine Wood
Richard Stearn