KS3 Curriculum overview

Ks3 general shotDuring the last few years, the government has been conducting a major review of the secondary curriculum in order to ensure ‘more rigour and greater challenge’ as well as encouraging ‘deep learning’ in schools. At St Bede’s this has led to a number of changes that were introduced at the start of the academic year.

During key stage 3 (Years 7/8/9) all students have a timetable that includes the 12 subjects that make up the National Curriculum. These subjects are (with the number of periods per fortnight in Year 7 shown in brackets):

English (7), Maths (7), Science (6), RE (3 + 1 denomination RE), History (3), Geography (3), PE (3), French or German (4 of either), Technology (4), Art (2), Music (2), Drama (2), Computing (2) and Citizenship (1). Total of 50 periods.
In Year 7, the pupils are taught in ten tutor groups with the ‘left’ side of the year studying French and the ‘right’ side taking German. Pupils are set for maths.

In Year 8, there are ten teaching groups with most pupils taking a second language and the others having extra help in English. Pupils are set for English and maths and we offer a choice of ‘electives’ designed to enrich the curriculum.

In Year 9, there are also nine teaching groups and the pupils make choices in both ‘Arts’ and ‘Technology’ subjects. Most pupils take one language although some are offered two. There is setting in English, Maths and Science.

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