3.15pm - 29/05/2020 School update

Dear Parents/Carers

We hope everyone has been enjoying the sunshine during the half term break.

In the last few days, the Government has issued new guidance to schools about reopening. In addition to the children of critical workers, it is proposed that from Monday 15 June up to one quarter of those in years 10 and 12 should attend each day. They are also encouraging schools to welcome back those in other years who need extra support in completing the work that is being set online.

Members of the senior team have met with governors to discuss the new recommendations and we will be meeting with all staff early next week.

Our plans are as follows:

  1. From Monday 1 June for two weeks, online work will continue to be set by staff. The school will be open for the children of critical workers. Please ensure you give us at least 48 working hours' notice if your child is going to attend school via the email address. This allows us to put sufficient staff in place to supervise the students and to ensure they are aware of the procedures before returning.
  2. If infection rates continue to fall, from Monday 15 June we will be open to groups of students from years 10 and 12. We will be explaining the details of how this will work in practice and outlining the safety measures that will be in place in a communication to you in the middle of next week. We understand that many will have concerns and we will be seeking to allay fears as far as possible.

Thank you for your continued support at this difficult time.

Best wishes
Mr Crabtree/Mr Powell
Headteacher/Head of School