5.45pm - 11/06/2020 - School update - Y10/12 students returning

Dear Parents/Carers

Thank you to everyone who has responded to the messages we have sent out in recent days. We have been using your observations to review and improve our plans ahead of more children returning to school next week.

  1. We will be open from Monday 15 June to three groups of students - priority students every day, two tutors groups from Year 10 and three or four subject classes from Year 12 each day. These three groups will be taught in separate parts of the school to help avoid cross contamination.
  2. We have prepared a risk assessment which will be available for you to view on our website from tomorrow. We will be updating this using the lessons learned once students return and we would welcome your comments and questions. In addition, we have set out our expectations of staff, students and parents/carers on the attachment to this message. Please discuss this with your child before he/she returns to school.
  3. You will be aware that the Government is asking us to avoid public transport when travelling if possible. However some students who live a long way from the school will require transport and our bus contractors Southdown have asked that interested parents/carers email them at so they can start to plan for the reintroduction of services.
  4. Staff will continue to set online work for all our KS3, Year 10 and Year 12 students.

On a separate note, a new Relationships and Sex Education policy was agreed by our governing board and is available on the school website and can be also be viewed here. We would welcome parental comments and observations by Monday 20 July so we can review them before the new policy comes into effect at the start of the new academic year in September.

Very best wishes
Mr Crabtree/Mr Powell
Headteacher/Head of School