Year group information

Parents will be aware that we take pride in the caring nature of the St Bede’s ethos. The first port of call for any problem is your child’s tutor, but we have a senior team of staff who oversee the pastoral work of the school.

In Years 12 and 13, Head of Sixth Form Mrs Tottey is ably assisted by Mr T Dawson. The lead tutors are Mr A Lacey (Year 13) and Mr T Dawson (Year 12). 

Karen tottey website

Mrs Tottey
Head of Sixth Form


Mr Dawson
Deputy Head of Sixth Form

Mr A Lacey
Lead Tutor (Y13)

For more information about our Sixth Form, please click here.

At key stage 4 (KS4), Mr Saunders is in charge overall, with Mrs Wood as Head of Year 11 and Miss Woollard Head of Year 10.

The first three years (KS3) of the school are overseen by Assistant Head Mrs Adams with Mr Mason (Year 9), Ms Sharp (Year 8)  and Miss Frost (Year 7) in charge of the individual year groups.


Mr A Saunders
Head of KS4


Mrs N Wood
Head of Year 11


Miss Woollard
Head of Year 10


Mrs A Adams
Head of KS3


Mr Mason
Head of Year 9


Ms Sharp
Head of Year 8


Miss Frost
Head of Year 7

Information from Heads of Year and copies of letters sent home can be found on the Insight website.

All parents of current students should register to use Insight as this is a significant means of communication between school and home. Use the Contact page to send a registration request to the SIMS office.

Information about parents' evenings, pupil reports, attendance and behaviour records are available through Insight.

Insight can be accessed here, via the link at the bottom left of this page, or via the link under Parents at the top of this web page.