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Senior Leadership Team (SLT) 2021-2022

Name Role
Mr A Powell Headteacher
Mr A Saunders Deputy Headteacher
Mrs A Adams Assistant Headteacher (Head of Key Stage 3)
Mr N Blount Assistant Headteacher (Head of Key Stage 4)
Mrs K Tottey Assistant Headteacher (Head of Sixth Form)
Mr J Wood Assistant Headteacher (Raising achievement leader)
Mr T Ramsbottom Assistant Headteacher (Teaching and learning)
Miss T Douglas Assistant Headteacher (SENDCo)
Mrs V Lygo-Baker School Business Manager

Parents will be aware that we take pride in the caring nature of the St Bede’s ethos. The first port of call for any problem is your child’s tutor, but we have a senior team of staff who oversee the pastoral work of the school.

The first three years (KS3) of the school are overseen by Assistant Headteacher Mrs Adams with Miss Ramsdale as Acting Head of Year 7, Mrs Wood, Head of Year 8 and Miss Frost, Head of Year 9 in charge of the individual year groups.

At key stage 4 (KS4), Assistant Headteacher, Mr Blount is in charge overall, with Ms Sharp, Head of Year 10 and Mr Mason, Head of Year 11. 


Mrs A Adams
Head of KS3

Rs 1

Miss S Ramsdale
Head of Year 7 (Acting)


Mrs N Wood
Head of Year 8


Ms K Frost
Head of Year 9

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Mr N Blount
Head of KS4


Ms S Sharp
Head of Year 10


Mr D Mason
Head of Year 11

In Years 12 and 13, Head of Sixth Form Mrs Tottey is assisted by Miss Corry, Head of Year 12 and Miss Woodroofe, Head of Year 13

Karen tottey website

Mrs Tottey
Head of Sixth Form


Miss J Corry
Head of Year 12


Miss A Woodroofe
Head of Year 13

For more information about our Sixth Form, please click here.


Deputy Heads of Year

Year Name
Deputy Head of Year 7 Ms Victoria Anderson
Deputy Head of Year 8 Mr S Lawrence
Deputy Head of Year 9 Mr J Purkiss
Deputy Head of Year 10 Mr C Robson-Close
Deputy Head of Year 11 Miss H Mitchell

Curriculum staff

If you would like to make contact, please put a note in the student's diary or to contact the form tutor, please 'contact the school' (choose 'School Main Reception' from the drop-down) outlining who to direct the message to.

Department Head of Department (HoD) Other team members
Art Mrs F Stainthorpe Mrs L Borgia, Ms H Button, Mr C Elsmore
Business and Economics Mr D Wilkinson

Mr R Johnson, Mrs S Patel, Mr T Ramsbottom, Mr A Saunders, Miss S Woollard (maternity leave)

Citizenship Mrs T Moore Various
Computing Mr J Lea Miss R Babiker, Mr D Rochester, Mr M Sacramento
Drama Mrs L Downes Ms A Gillie, Mrs L Perello, Mrs E Tattershall
Design and Technology 

Ms R Haines Gilbertson (KS3/4)

Mrs R Benjamin-Hoppie, Mrs N Carloss, Mrs J Tyrrell-Baldwin, Mr V Vaja
English Mr J Hardy Mr J Adam, Mrs H Batchelor, Mr S Cox, Mrs S Cox, Ms M Cunnane, Mrs E Davis, Miss V Dibartolo (maternity leave), Mrs S Ironside (KS3 Coordinator - Y9), Mrs C Jackson, Miss H Johnson (KS4 Coordinator), Mr R Mackin, Miss A Rollason, Miss L Ruck (KS3 Coordination - Y7 and Y8), Miss S Suleman, Miss C Whyte
Food and Health Miss R Coventry Ms V Anderson, Mrs R Benjamin-Hoppie, Ms S Holt, Mrs R Horswill, Ms J Lyons
Geography Miss H Jones Ms F Carr, Ms A Hill, Miss A Maile, Miss S Ramsdale
History Mrs E Crouch Miss G Chaudhry, Miss J Corry, Miss K Frost, Mr S Lawrence, Mr D Marshall, Mr J Purkiss, Ms S Sharp
Mathematics Mrs K Miles Ms E Ball, Mrs M Boughton, Mrs A Chadwick, Mr P Edo-Okaeben, Mr R Kreuchen, Mr A Lacey, Miss E Lush, Mrs A Maazouz, Ms H Needler (KS3 Coordinator), Mr C Noakes (KS4 Coordinator), Mr O Plank, Mrs T Powell, Mrs S Richardson, Ms R Sturt
Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Mrs M Kelly Mr B Harris, Miss A Kuipers, Mr D Mason, Mrs A Ospina Valencia, Mr O Rowe, Mrs G White, Mrs N Wood
Media Studies Mrs H Batchelor Miss V Dibartolo (Mat leave) Mr J Hardy, Miss H Johnson
Music Miss H Mitchell Miss S Taylor-Denton, Mr J Wood, Miss A Woodroofe
Photography and Textiles Mr C Elsmore Miss V Anderson, Ms H Button, Mrs R Horswill
Physical Education Mrs S Saunders Mr L Adams, Mr Blount, Mrs S Collins,  Miss L Devlin, Mrs E Maarit (KS5 Coordinator), Mr C Robson-Close
Politics Mr J Purkiss Mr S Lawrence
Psychology Mr A Frith Miss H Jones
Religious Studies, and Philosophy and Ethics Mr C Gangemi Dr D Beadle, Miss E Cobbin, Miss P Dashwood, Mr T Finch, Mr B Lofthouse, Mrs T Moore, Miss E Palmer, Mrs H Persaud
Science Mrs D Read Mrs A Adams, Mrs C Anderson, Miss S Bolton, Dr V Dargue, Mrs E Failes, Mrs S Hannah, Mrs S Harwood, Mrs S Jackson, Mrs N Kalam, Mr A Mander, Ms I Parker, Mr P Rolaston, Miss C Stubbs, Mrs K Tottey, Ms K Usher, Mrs R Warner, Mrs M Yerrell
Sociology Mr D Marshall Miss K Frost
SENDCo/ Learning Support

SENDCo - Miss T Douglas

Assistant SENDCo - Miss A Rollason 

Mrs G Atkins, Miss S Bullock, Mrs T Gear, Miss N Hareed, Mrs T Horne, Miss F James, Mrs A Krishnamurthy, Mrs L Kyte, Mrs M Muteham, Miss A Parfitt, Miss C Puplett, Miss S Speed, Miss R Stevenson, Mrs L Stoker, Mrs M Taylor


Behaviour and Student Support (BaSS) team

Role Name
BaSS team

Miss A Eland (BaSS Team Manager)
Mrs S Arthur (Lead Intervention Support Officer)

Mrs B Graham and Mrs P Nicholson (Student Support Officers)
Cover Supervisors Mrs E Evans, Mrs D Harrison, Ms Z Johnson, Mrs L Martin, Ms J Maynard and Mrs H Ward
Careers Mrs G Twigg


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