Trips and visits

Trips and visits throughout 2018-19

We run a wide variety of trips and visits designed to enrich the taught curriculum and enhance the learning experience at the school. Some are linked directly to the taught syllabus (eg field trips are a compulsory part of the Geography course), others are encouraged as a way of gaining a deeper understanding (eg cultural exchange with the USA and the language exchanges with France, Germany and Spain) and some simply help to gain a broader range of invaluable life experiences eg PGL residential trips.

All trips require up to date medical information. Parents/carers are responsible for ensuring that we have received, prior to any trip, all relevant medical information about your child and contact information during your child's trip.

Trip payment due dates are in line with payments we have to make towards the trip ie flights, venue, transport, other bookings etc, therefore, if we do not receive payments on time your child may lose their space on the trip.

The trips that are planned for this academic year are as follows please see the school calendar for exact dates:

Overseas visits

Destination Subject Month Year Group
Krakow, Poland Psychology, RE and Humanities Feb 2019 Y13
Brussels, Belgium Business Studies and Economics Mar 2019 Y12
Venice, Italy Art and Photography June 2019 Y12
Ypres, Belgium History (1 day and 2 day) June 2019 Y10
Tanzania Cultural, Enrichment and Humanitarian July 2019 Y12
Foreign exchange programmes
Destination Subject Month  Year Group
Spain Spanish/cultural

November 2018 - Spain

March 2019 - UK

USA St Louis, Chicago Cultural

March 2019 - UK

April 2019 - St Louis

France French/cultural

Feb 2019 - UK

March 2019 - France

Germany German/cultural

March 2019 - UK

May 2019 - Germany



UK visits

Destination Subject Month Year Group
Cambridge University Alumni trip Sixth Form Sept 2018 Y12/13
Pagham Harbour Biology field studies Sept 2018 Y13
Marwell Zoo Psychology Oct 2018 Y9
Careers fair, The Harlequin Theatre Careers Oct 2018 Y12/13
Safe Drive Stay Alive Driving awareness Nov 2018 Y12/13
English National Opera's 'Porgy & Best' Music Nov 2018 Y12/13
Cambridge Alumni talk Sixth Form Nov 2018 Y12/13
Surrey Careers fair, Epsom Downs Racecourse Careers Nov 2018 Y9
'The Muddy Choir' WWI Nov 2018 Y9
'School of Rock' Show pastoral trip Nov 2018 Y8
Sociology in Action Conference, London Sociology Dec 2018 Y13
Geography Combined Visits, Dorset and Isle of Wight Geography field studies (March 2018)
Oct 2018



The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night   Jan 2019 Y9
Tango Fire Spanish Trip Theatre show Feb 2019 Y10-12
Geography field trip to Isle of Wight A level field studies April 2019 Y12
East Anglia A level Tudor Trip History April 2019 Y11 & 12
Geography three day trip to Dorset GCSE field studies June 2019 Y10
History trip to Ypres GCSE June 2019 Y10
Christian Youth Enterprises, Chichester Water sports retreat June 2019 Y7 & 8
Music performances at stately homes, Derbyshire Music - 'Slide' Jazz band July 2019 Y9-13


Duke of Edinburgh (DofE)

Expedition type Level Month  Year Group
Bronze practice expedition Bronze  March 2019 Y10
Bronze final expedition (assessment) Bronze July 2019 Y10
Gold practice expedition Gold July 2019 Y12
Gold final expedition (assessment) Gold Sept 2019 Y12


Whole year group trips

Destination Subject Month Year Group
Reigate Reflection walks Sept 2018 Y7
Harlequin Theatre, Redhill Pantomime Dec 2018 Y7
Canterbury/Marwell Zoo Flexible Learning Days June 2019 Y7

PGL Liddington, Wiltshire

Residential July 2019 Y8


Sports trips

Destination Subject Month Year Group
PGL Liddington - weekend trip Netball Nov 2018 Y8
Twickenham - England v Japan Rugby Nov 2018 All
Twickenham - England v Samoa Rugby Nov 2018 All


In addition to the above, our music/drama/dance departments hold regular visits to dance/ballet shows, classical concerts, opera and drama plays and musicals. 

Students should also take advantage of other tutor group trips that may be arranged.