KS5 Curriculum overview

During the last few years, the Government has been conducting a major review of theKs5 computer lesson secondary curriculum in order to ensure ‘more rigour and greater challenge’ as well as encouraging ‘deep learning’ in schools. Our curriculum for Years 12 and 13 has evolved in response to these changes.

The introduction of the reformed A levels has been staggered over the last three years. In September 2017, teaching of the remaining group of reformed A level subjects commenced. This marked a change from the situation where the scores obtained in AS level exams, completed at the end of the lower sixth, counted for 50% of the final A level grade.

Ks5 class shotNow in all subjects the final A level grades (still awarded from A*-E) are awarded on exams taken at the end of a two year course. Due to this, we no longer enter students for AS exams at the end of Year 12 and instead focus on full and thorough preparation for the A level exams at the end of the sixth form.

For more information about our Sixth Form (key stage 5 curriculum), please go to our Sixth Form pages.