It is the school’s policy that teachers set work to be completed out of lessons on a regular basis to improve a student’s learning. We use an electronic homework system called Satchel One and is designed to enable teachers to set homework and for students and parents/carers to easily keep track of it.

Students will also be provided with a student planner for use alongside Satchel One to access helpful academic information, eg world map, advice about keeping safe and mental health, school expectations regarding behaviour and uniform, to make notes and store a paper copy of their timetable. Parents/carers can check what work is set on Satchel One and the planner can be used to communicate with the school.

The library is available every lunchtime as well as staying open until 4.30pm each evening. Students are welcome to study here after school up until 4.30pm. After this time school is closed to students unless they are involved in an organised activity with a member of staff. There is also a homework club after school every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until 4.10pm in G18 for students requiring extra support..

Parents/carers are given personal log-in codes to access Satchel One and you will be able to see the homework that is set for your child.

Link to Satchel OneBelow are the KS3 homework timetables (Year 7 will be set homework after October half term). KS4 and KS5 are set homework by their class teachers as required. These will be updated at the beginning of ech academic year.


Homework timetables Date  
Y8 (ML) Homework timetable 21st Sep 2023 Download
Y9 (HS) Homework timetable 22nd Sep 2023 Download
Y7 (SH) Homework timetable 13th Oct 2023 Download