Partnership with Parents

PictureAbbie Eland, Head of The BaSS (Behaviour and Student Support) team and a member of the school Safeguarding Team, leads this initiative.

The main purpose is to create an extra level of pastoral support for children and families by offering effective strategies, support groups, training sessions/presentations and an opportunity to talk to other parents who have had/are currently experiencing similar challenges. We also hope to empower parents, encourage open and honest communications and strengthen the home school link.

We will keep events posted on this page (links to events will be emailed directly to parents) and where possible, we will upload recordings of the presentations which can be accessed below.  Due to the current climate, our events will be held online until further notice.

To help make this initiative successful, parental involvement and feedback on events will be very much appreciated.

PwP useful workshops, webinars and videos for parents/carers

Here is the video from our recent Partnership with Parents Careers talk. The presentation that was used can be found at the bottom of this page.


Pwp ceopDaniel Spargo-Mabbs Foundation, Drug and alcohol awareness information for parents and carers - the drug conversationCannabis Skunk - what you need to know - click here



Let's All Talk Mental Health

Parental webinar sessions available

Parents/carers were able to access these webinar sessions last year and they come highly recommended.

There are a variety of sessions planned for 2023, all with experts, therapists and psychologists on different subjects each week, with a live Q&A section.

There is a small charge (£5 per session or you can purchase a season pass). For more information about Let's All Talk Mental Health, you can view a short introductory video below.

Lets All Talk Mental Health – to access more information and a short introductory video - click herePlease refer to more specific information on each webinar using the links below.

Let's all talk Mental Health - to access and register for the webinars coming up this month - click here



If you would like any further safeguarding information - please click here

Partnership with Parents useful links

Below are some useful links, some of which may have been referred to during Partnership with Parents sessions. - is a registered charity, offering free counselling for children, young people and/or parents. - St Giles Trust SOS+ Team raise awareness of the dangers of weapons and equip young people with the knowledge and skills to stay safe. - Fearless is a service that allows you to pass on information about crime 100% anonymously. This means you don't have to give us any personal details. - Tips for parents to help students cope with exam stress

Support agencies available to parents and students Support-Agencies-.pdf - For information about drugs.