Uniform & Equipment

The policy of the school is that students wear school uniform. This is based on a belief that the uniform, amongst other things, provides a corporate sense of identity.

Full school uniform is compulsory until the end of Year 11. The offer of a place at the school is made on the understanding that parents will support the school policy in this matter. Parents are asked to encourage their children to take a pride in their uniform and to keep it in good condition. All uniform must be full named - initials are not enough.

PRIOR to purchasing any uniform online, please watch our video on sizing, read the size guide and read our top tips.

IMPORTANT: Please pay close attention to our sizing information before ordering any uniform items online.

Please see uniform prices available from our school shop. For our refund and replacement policy - please click here.

Second hand school uniform is available from the school shop at all times, please email with information on what items and sizes you require.

*These items below are specific to the school and are only available for purchase from the School Shop (go to Parents > School Shop).


Correct uniform

Additional guidance


Navy blue V-necked jumper with St Bede’s logo*

No jumpers other than St Bede’s.
Wearing the school PE sweatshirt as a jumper is unacceptable.
No cardigans/hoodies.


Blue and white striped blouse*

No other blouse.


Plain blue or white school shirt with a full collar and top button.

No sports shirts, T-shirts or fashion shirts.


Correctly tied St Bede’s tie* worn with a plain shirt ONLY.

No tie other than the official school tie.
No defaced school tie.


Navy blue pleated skirt*. Should be an acceptable length to allow involvement in a wide range of activities during the school day, but enabling students to maintain their modesty. Length to be somewhere close to the knee.

No other skirt.
No skirts that are rolled up.
No inappropriate length above or below the knee.


Dark grey, navy blue or black trousers.

No linen, denim or corduroy.

No fitted legging type or skinny trousers.


Navy blue, black or grey plain socks (no logos).
Navy blue, black or flesh coloured tights.

Not wearing socks or tights at all is unacceptable.
Wearing contrasting socks and tights together is unacceptable.


Plain black leather/ leather-like shoes that have no logos (including black logos) and no decorative elements. All shoes need to be sensible, safe and serviceable.

No trainers.
Canvas/cloth shoes or boots of any kind are not acceptable.
No platforms, high heels, sling backs, open-toed or backless shoes.
No steel toe-capped shoes.


Sensible, safe and appropriate coat for school.

No denim or leather jackets.
No hoodies.


It is essential that students have an appropriate bag or rucksack in which to carry books and equipment. A separate bag should be used for sports kit.

No inappropriate logos on bags.


One wrist watch
ONE pair of plain ear studs (gold/silver coloured) worn in the ear lobes.
A chain and small cross or St Christopher may be worn.
The school cannot accept responsibility for jewellery worn to school.

No earrings of any other kind.
No necklaces, bracelets, brooches, badges.
No other piercings apart from one in each ear lobe.
In accordance with Department for Education guidance, a student may not wear any form of jewellery during PE lessons, even if taped up.
Clear piercing retainers are not acceptable.


If make-up is worn it must never be obvious. Students may be asked to remove make-up if it is deemed inappropriate.

No coloured nail varnish/false nails/acrylic nails.
No false eyelashes.
No excessive make-up.


Students must wear aprons for food lessons and design & technology. Aprons are available for use in design & technology but not in food lessons (they must be brought from home).

No inappropriate designs on aprons.

Sun care

We encourage students to follow health guidelines relating to the dangers of UV radiation. Hat and sunglasses appropriate for school may be worn outside on sunny days. Sun protection cream is encouraged. Students are allowed to have a bottle of water with them in most lessons.

No inappropriate logos. 

No hats and/or sunglasses are to be worn inside buildings.

No flavoured drinks are permitted in lessons.


Hair should be cut in a style suitable for school and kept clean, neat and tidy.
Natural hair colouring only.

No unnatural hair colouring.
No extreme styles.
Different hair lengths must be blended or tapered (gradually shorter hair closer to the neck).
No decorative shaved elements or motifs.
If there is any doubt please contact your child’s head of year before visiting the hairdresser.

All Items Of Uniform Should Be Clearly Named

Students who arrive at school with incorrect uniform, without prior agreement, will be removed to isolation. Inappropriate uniform may be confiscated.

Physical Education Kit

We are launching our new St Bede's PE t-shirt which is more appropriate and practical for secondary school students. To begin with these t-shirts will only be compulsory for Year 7 students starting in September 2024. From the autumn term, we will make them available for students in all year groups. Students in Years 8-11 can continue to wear the white tops. We will phase out the white tops and will no longer sell them in the school shop once the stock has all gone. Pricing will be confirmed shortly.

Clean plimsolls/trainers are essential for the sports hall, fitness room, astro turf, gym and dance studio.
A change of socks is essential; socks worn as part of the school uniform that day are not acceptable.

Vest tops, tight fitting white tops or kit with large motifs, slogans or commercial designs are not acceptable. School sports wear does not need to be fashionable or expensive.

Jewellery of any sort must be removed before PE lessons. If students are to have their ears pierced they should do so during the longer holidays and not during term time, so that piercings may be removed without a problem. No other body piercings are acceptable.

Long hair must be tied back.

Changing rooms are locked at the start of lessons. Any valuables should be left in the student’s bag, or, if necessary, handed into the SIMS office at the start of the day, eg large amounts of money. All kit must be clearly named.

Compulsory PE Kit


Correct uniform

Additional guidance

**Shorts or skorts

Plain navy blue athletics shorts or skorts (with no white stripes)

(cotton or nylon cloth only)

No stretch knitted cotton or lycra based material. No cycling shorts.

**Polo shirt

**New PE t-shirt

White sports t-shirt with collar (not available for Year 7 from September 2024)

New PE t-shirt (Year 7 only currently)

No logos other than the school logo (Y8-11 from September)

New Year 7 - No other t-shirts may be worn.


Clean trainers for indoor/astro turf.

No dirty trainers for indoor/astro turf.


Navy blue socks for hockey/football. Short white sports socks for other activities.

No other socks, including those worn for school that day.

Shin pads

Worn for hockey/football.

Not wearing them for these activities is unacceptable.

Mouth guards

Compulsory for rugby and hockey.

Not wearing them for these activities is unacceptable.

 All Items Of Uniform Should Be Clearly Named

Optional PE Kit


Correct uniform

Additional guidance

*Rugby shirt

School rugby shirt.

No other colour rugby shirt. No logos.

Games skirt

Navy pleated games skirt.

No other colour/style games skirt. No logos.


Plain navy blue sweatshirt or navy blue sweatshirt with school logo*

No other sweatshirt. No logos.

Jogging trousers

Navy blue tracksuit or jogging trousers.

No other colour. No logos.

Other footwear

Football boots or old trainers (for outdoor use only)


Base layer

Navy blue base layers in winter.

No other colour

All Items Of Uniform Should Be Clearly Named 

* These items are specific to the school and are only available for purchase from the school shop.

** These items can be purchased from the school shop with the school logo.

Equipment - essential items


It is vital that students have the correct equipment for each of their lessons. Below is the equipment that students are expected to have with them on a daily basis. Items in bold are essential items students are expected to have with them every lesson, every day.

  • Two black pens (minimum)* 
  • Pencils* 
  • Coloured pencils
  • Pencil case
  • Three different coloured highlighters*
  • Eraser*
  • Sharpener*
  • 30cm ruler*
  • Glue stick*
  • Children’s scissors*
  • Drawing compass*
  • Circular angle measurer*
  • Calculator* (the maths department recommends a Casio FX83GTX Scientific Calculator as this will be suitable for all subjects at key stages 3 and 4) 
  • Apron for food lessons*
  • Book to read

We have found it very useful for students to have the following items, especially for dual use in school and at home for homework:

  • Foreign Language dictionary (Collins English to either German, French or Spanish school dictionary)*
  • Small pair of headphones/earphones

*These items are currently available in the school shop