Parents & Carers

Education is a partnership

Our students bring a wide variety of skills and attributes to St Bede’s and share their interests with others. In addition to this they are enthused about their education and prepared to learn in lessons. What more could we ask for? However, education is a partnership.

In this section parents and carers will find useful information and links including Talaxy, the school calendar, information about attendance, our fortnightly parent newsletters, Friends of St Bede’s, information about student wellbeing and more. Almost all communication with parents/carers is sent via Talaxy, and the parent newsletters contain lots of important information as well as articles celebrating successes and news about events involving our students.

The relationship between St Bede's School and our parents/carers is very important to us and we value the support we receive to enable us to provide the best spiritual, social and academic growth of every young person within our community. The phrase "It takes a village to raise a child" encapsulates St Bede’s and we believe that everyone has their part to play.