Exam Information

Contact the Exams Office

Contact the Exams Office

For exam queries, please use the contact form and select Exams office in the drop down menu.

Replacement exam certificates

The school does not hold copies of or have access to former students' exam certificates. If you have lost an exam certificate you will need to contact the relevant exam boards directly. There is a fee for replacement certificates.

Exam timetables Summer 2024

Exam timetables

Individual student timetables can be found on Talaxy.

Public Exams

The exam timetable linked below shows a list of public examinations held at the school. 


Exam boards and specifications 2022-2024

Exam boards and specifications

Links to exam boards

AQA - aqa.org.uk

Pearson - qualifications.pearson.com/

OCR - ocr.org.uk

WJEC - wjec.co.uk/

Important exam information for all students

Preparing for an Exam 

Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) Information for candidates

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) oversees the administration of public examinations in the UK and it is their rules and regulations with which we must comply.

Candidates should familiarise themselves with the following JCQ documents

Information for candidates

The exam process