KS3 Assessment and Reporting

With the government removing National Curriculum levels, we have been reviewing how we report to parents. From this autumn pupils will be assessed in three different ways for each subject. 

The Progress grade

Teachers will assess the progress of each individual taking into account their prior attainment using the following:

Exceptional Progress (++)
More than Expected Progress (+)
Expected Progress (=)
Less than Expected Progress (-)

The Application grade

Pupils will be graded from A to D with students showing the most positive attitude scoring an A grade.

The Attainment grade

Emerging - The student is just beginning to learn/understand subject content/skills

Developing - The student is showing an increased understanding/skill level in the subject

Secure - The student has achieved a sound understanding and competence in the subject

Mastered - The student shows evidence of a deeper understanding/higher skill level in the subject and can make connections between different areas within the subject

A set of descriptors for each subject area is shown below.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Art Art Art
Computing Computing Computing
Design & Technology Design & Technology Design & Technology
Drama Drama Drama
English - reading English - reading English - reading
English - writing English - writing English - writing
Food Food Food
Geography Geography Geography
History History History
Languages (MFL) Languages (MFL) Languages (MFL)
Maths Maths Maths
Music Music Music
Science Science Science
Textiles Textiles Textiles


As part of our assessment programme we use several sets of student data to monitor your child’s progress and inform our teaching. Some of the data generated is handled via external educational providers to give us an understanding of a student’s potential.  We use and store this data in accordance with our school policy and within the law on data protection. This data is considered alongside any other assessments made throughout the year, formal or informal, to inform our teaching. As a school, we select these third party educational providers on the parents' behalf and take the safeguarding of our student data very seriously. Your child's assessment data is used to continually improve the teaching and learning process at the school. Please feel free to contact the school should you have any questions or concerns.