Record results at St Bede's!


There were celebrations for students at St Bede’s this week following the news that GCSE results reached new levels of excellence this year. All subjects are now ‘graded’ from 9 to 1 and overall attainment and value added attainment will once again put the school among the country’s elite.

“We are very proud of our track record in public exams,” Headteacher Stephen Crabtree commented. “The combination of hardworking students, staff who go the extra mile and highly supportive families has proved to be a winning combination once again. I look forward to welcoming many of the students back to St Bede’s to begin their A level studies shortly.”

The high fliers in 2019 included: Thomas Abell (three 9s, four 8s and four 7s), Isaac Alexander (three 9s, six 8s, two 7s), Daniel Burke (five 9s, three 8s, two 7s), Mai-Linh Cameron (three 9s, two 8s, five 7s), Niamh Chavasse (ten 9s, one 8), Alisha Clark (one 9, four 8s, six 7s), Charlotte Cooke (seven 8s, four 7s), William Dunford (seven 8s, three 7s), Aurora Egalla Dewage (two 9s, six 8s, three 7s), Miles Fisher (two 9s, six 8s, two 7s), Talia Fonseka (four 9s, four 8s, two 7s), Emma Greatwood (five 9s, three 8s, two 7s), Ailish Hennessy (four 9s, five 8s one 7), Sophia John-Cox (seven 9s, three 8s, one 7), Emily Kelly (nine 9s, one 8, one 7), Hannah Lees (two 9s, six 8s, two 7s), Ella Magee (six 9s, three 8s, one 7), Alistair Morris (seven 9s, two 8s, two 7s), Emma Packer (one 9, four 8s, six 7s), Rachel Perkins (one 9, seven 8s, two 7s), Lucy Robinson (two 9s, seven 8s, one 7), Sophie Sanford (seven 9s, two 8s, two 7s) and Molly Stevens (four 8s, six 7s).