Year 11 Prom


When people look back on their school life, there are moments that often stand out for them and the prom is one of these. We were so pleased to be able to organise a prom for Year 11 to celebrate all of their hard work and dedication throughout their disrupted GCSE years.

These stylish young people arrived wearing a variety of outfits in a range of different transports and let their individuality shine through in their own ways. They all looked fantastic and it was brilliant to see how the children of five years ago have grown into wonderful young adults. As always, these individuals collaborated together to make the evening a huge success and one that they will remember for a long time. The dance floor was at capacity for most of the evening and there were so many smiles. The venue staff said that this was the best school prom that they had ever seen, commenting on the students manners, behaviour and enthusiasm.

Thanks also to Tim Cantrell ( who captured the essence of the evening so well with these stunning photos (students have been emailed the link to access the photos).