School policies

The table below contains a selection of our policies for you to view.

If you require admissions information and policies, please see the ‘Admissions’ tab or use the link here.

If you are unable to find any information, or would like a hard copy, please use the ‘contact us’ page to request the required information. 

For our Pupil Premium information, please go to our Pupil Premium page.

For our uniform policy, please go to our Uniform page.

Please note that the updated safeguarding policy (to reflect “Keeping Children Safe in Education 2016”) is currently under review by governors and an updated version will be on our website in February 2017. In the interim, please also view an addendum which can be accessed HERE.

Policies Date  
Access arrangements for examinations policy 19th Oct 2021 Download
Access arrangements for examinations policy: Word processor statement 19th Oct 2021 Download
Application for Leave of Absence Form v3 20201019 20th Oct 2020 Download
Attendance policy 20th Sep 2021 Download
Behaviour for learning policy (including anti-bullying) 16th Mar 2021 Download
Charging and remission policy 4th May 2021 Download
Child protection and safeguarding policy 15th Dec 2020 Download
Collective Worship policy 11th Feb 2020 Download
Complaints procedure 18th Mar 2020 Download
E-safety policy 16th Mar 2021 Download
Equality objectives 11th Feb 2019 Download
Finance policy 20th Nov 2020 Download
Fraud policy 23rd Nov 2020 Download
Governor recruitment policy 26th Nov 2019 Download
Governors' allowances policy 4th Mar 2020 Download
Health and Safety Policy addendum in response to Covid-19 - August 2020 1st Sep 2020 Download
Home/School Agreement 5th Oct 2018 Download
IT acceptable use policy (Appendix A in E-safety policy) 16th Mar 2021 Download
Lettings policy 16th Mar 2021 Download
Policy statement on technical education and apprenticeships 26th Jan 2021 Download
Pupil premium policy 20th Oct 2020 Download
Relationships and sex education policy 16th Mar 2021 Download
SEND information report 19th Oct 2021 Download
SEND policy 19th Oct 2021 Download
SEND provision map 19th Oct 2021 Download
Sharing centre assessed marks with candidates 5th Mar 2018 Download
Supporting students with medical needs policy 15th Dec 2020 Download
Teaching and learning policy 10th Jun 2021 Download
Use of mobile devices at St Bede's 14th Sep 2021 Download
Volunteer policy 16th Mar 2021 Download
Whistleblowing policy 11th Feb 2020 Download